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Star Bulk keeps all equipment serviced, maintained, and clean for quality service with the highest safety of our employees and customers alike.  Star Bulk is equipped with an in-house maintenance & welding shop with a complete range of services needed to maintain equipment and not only to provide A+ service, but to ensure the safety of our drivers and timely deliveries with our customers in mind.


Star Bulk delivery methods include, but are not limited to: Silo delivery, Spread Job (Oilfield Pads/Road work), blowing product into pigs, portable silos, pits, rail cars, and bottom drops.


Star Bulk central concentration of operation is delivering to our customers: Frac Sand, Cement, Lime, Fly Ash, and CKD. Star Bulk has over 130 units with terminals in New Braunfels TX, Midlothian TX, Sanger TX, along with Spiro, OK and a skeleton crew out of La Grange TX and Houston TX all providing optimal safe & clean service in and around the great state of Texas.


Phone: (830) 625-2504